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Claude Ouellette, Ph.D., LMHC

My educational career began in Canada with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Moncton (1987).  This was followed by a Master of Arts in Child and Development Studies from Laurentian University (1994) in Ontario. Years of studies at these institutions helped me develop excellent work ethics, multidisciplinary teamwork skills and an understanding of a person’s needs from infancy through old age.  I pursued my study at Capella University (Minnesota) and graduated in 2011, with a PhD in Psychology.  My wife and I opted to live in the Pacific Northwest, and I became a US citizen in June of 2013.

My professional career began in the early-90s, and since worked in different settings such as hospital inpatient (intern), in Middle/High School (School Psychologist for 2 years in Quebec), rural outreach program (7 years as a Psychometrist), and since 2007 as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in a rural outpatient clinic (10+ years) in WA.  I continue to work providing mental health services to children, youth, adolescents, families and adults within the age range of 6 through 65.  I can provide diagnostic assessment and counseling services.  I tend to use a wide range of interventions to facilitate and support changes in individuals and families. 

I work well with individuals struggling with depression, anxious feelings, adjustment disorder, attachment problems, oppositional and defiance, parent-child/youth relational problems, individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, complicated grief reactions, as well as with simple and complex trauma (PTSD).

Upon meeting with me you will notice a French accent.  I think my English fluency and vocabulary are quite good, but don’t mind being corrected as I am a person who wants to continue improving in all aspects of my life.  This is reflected in my professional life through the acquisition of WA credentials such as being a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS), Mental Health Professional (MHP) and trained in Trauma Focus – Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Currently, I am available on Fridays and Saturdays.  Please schedule an appointment by calling our reception staff at 360-414-8600 extension 0.