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Participating in groups or seminars

There are several advantages to participating in group therapy.  For clients whose therapy is not covered by their insurance, group therapy is much more affordable than individual therapy.  Meeting with a group of other individuals who are experiencing similar difficulties can give greater insight. It also provides multiple perspectives and coping strategies.  Meeting with others can also create a sense of belonging, giving all members a greater feeling of emotional support, which is essential to good mental health.  For certain speakers-bureau contact beth populations, such as individuals with social anxiety or communication problems, group therapy is especially helpful because it allows group members to directly address their difficulties in a supportive environment.

The primary disadvantage of group therapy is the lack of confidentiality.  Groups are asked to keep everything discussed in the session confidential, but this is based on individual trust and cannot be strictly enforced.  However, as the value of group becomes clear most individuals are protective of the group and its processes.  Another disadvantage is that each member of the group must share the time and this can sometimes limit how deeply each individual can explore their feelings.

Suggest a group

Is there a group you would like participate in, but it is currently not being offered? You're probably not alone.  Make a suggestion and we will find a clinician to facilitate the group and provide the link on our group page.  As soon as there are enough participants the new groups will begin.  Email your suggestions to groups@nwpych.com and we will get right back to you.

Possible group topics include Survivors of Domestic Violence or Adult Sexual Abuse Survivors, Anxiety & Depression, Life Skills, Drama Therapy, and Art Therapy.

Please feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions or to show your interest.  We are excited about offering groups, but in order for it to work we need people to participate.  Feel free to refer friends or family.  Thank you for your interest.