The Keystone Building
Home of NWPR
945 - 11th Ave., Longview, WA




A tour of the NWPR facility

Tnwpr-buildinghe decor within NWPR is light and contemporary. Considerable effort has been expended in designing and furnishing the suite to create a tasteful, professional, and inviting environment where clients feel comfortable and clinicians enjoy many years of productive practice.






The area currently occupied by NWPR consists of 10 equal-sized suites (roughly 13'x14'), one lunch room, one large group/conference room, a private testing room, two restrooms, a central administration area housing up to four office staff, and a common waiting area.




Due to the continued demand for high-quality mental health services in this community, NWPR recently added three new providers. A remodel of the facility added four additional clinician suites, a second waiting room, a testing room, and file storage areas.





Each individual suite is fully equipped with telephone and data ports, allowing for computer networking with administration staff and Internet access, and plans for the installation of a client server network for inter-office communication and billing activities.