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Provider Ethics

All psychologists subscribe to a demanding code of ethics, which require them to "respect the dignity and worth of the individual and strive for the preservation and protection of fundamental human rights." These codes are specific to psychology, and may not apply to other mental health professionals. We take these principles seriously, and believe it is in the public interest to know about these issues.

You can view the entire Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct of the American Psychological Association (APA) or allow us to summarize a few main points of these principles as outlined by the APA: You should expect that your psychologist will not:

  • Claim false credentials
  • Have any form of sexual contact with you
  • Reveal your confidences (except under specific circumstances)
  • Practice outside their areas of competency
  • Continue seeing you when it is obvious that you are not benefiting from therapy
  • Take advantage of you or exploit you in any way
  • Carry on business or other personal relationships with you during treatment
  • Charge fees for services not given, misrepresent services given, or charge excessive fees
  • Mislead you through exaggerated claims or other misrepresentation
  • Misuse testing results or other information about you
  • Practice psychology while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or serious mental illness
  • Abandon you during therapy
If you are concerned that your psychologist may be in violation of any of these principles, you should contact the Health Department of your state, and ask for the Examining Board of Psychology to report the problem. In Washington, this telephone number is 360-753-2147.